Finnigan Hill Vineyard


It’s been so long since the last post it’s embarrassing to put a date in the title.  Where does the time go?  Well, I can safely say that much of my time has gone to raising Hanna.  I knew having a baby while new to this vine/wine business was going to be a challenge and then I quickly learned how naive I was.  “Challenge” was an understatement.  I think parenting on your own with your first baby is more like…transformational, or overwhelming. It reminds me of being out in the ocean, enjoying the beauty of nature when all of a sudden you’re slammed by a monster wave and tumbled and rolled through sand, seaweed and gushing bubbles as you struggle to figure which way is up, gulping for air.  But here we are – four years down the road and a bit steadier on our feet so I’m pushing on to build the business and capture as much of this beautiful life on the vineyard as we can.

We have been chipping away at things so here’s a little update:

If you haven’t had a chance to join our Thanksgiving weekend open house – you’re in for a sweet surprise.  The big ‘ol barn has begun a transformation of it’s own – now a charming little tasting room.  We’ve done a couple open house tastings on Thanksgiving weekends and we’ll open for Memorial Day this year as well.  We’ve also started to take private tastings on a limited basis.  There’s always hoops to jump through with OLCC and the county Sheriff’s office for an event so we’re mapping out the calendar year(s) by appointment for now but looking forward to the day we can hang our shingle out as a full time winery/tasting room.  Here’s a peak into the gussied up digs:

That’s Mary getting ready to pour for the private, birthday tasting.  So fun!

We’re also getting ready to build an outdoor deck/patio with a fireplace so we can sit and sip while gazing up the vineyard counting mountain peaks.  I mean, really…how nice does that sound?

In the meantime – get ready for some fun this Memorial Day.  We’re thinking we might do a “spring melt” kind of party and whoop it up with music, ice sculptures, barbecue….  Stay tuned!