Finnigan Hill Vineyard

July 2012

I met Rudy from Montinore today. He’s been farming biodynamic grapes for 20 some odd years.  A good, down-to-earth man with a love for nature and a ton of experience with the nuances of bio-D.

We’re in the last throws of summer.  I’ve never been so concerned about the weather!  The grapes look good—a couple of berries with sunburn, but it’s not pervasive.  We did well with the leaf pull and left a “sombrero” for some light shading. I’ll make the first batch of Cassie’s Crush this year, and the crop couldn’t be better for it!  Tasting wines with the winemakers made for a bit of a headache the next day but a great way to help identify what style I prefer and how we can look for that in the clones and barrels we’ll use this year for my label. This summer was full of learning—tractor driving, vineyard work, understanding wine and barrels and more and more information gathering about this place and how I’ll move forward with the business.

Cassie Wieden - IMG_2836


Cassie Wieden - IMG_0422