Finnigan Hill Vineyard

January 19 2012

Today was a bit more grueling with brush-pulling in the vineyard—I think renaming this grueling chore to back breaking, face and leg whipping is more appropriate!  It’s a great anger management activity since you’re yanking and pulling like hell to get a single tendril to break from a catch wire. I was thankful that Simon, my vineyard manager stopped by for lunch which gave me an excuse to take a break. It was good to talk to him about the bigger picture forming in my mind. Back in the vineyard, the guys were full of laughter and joking around with each other. I’m not sure I understood all nuances of their jokes since my Spanish is so rusty, but it was fun to mix hard work with a sense of humor.

Damn, my body aches after a hard day of work!  I soaked for an hour in the tub tonight and am sure I’ll be fast asleep after dinner. The best tired I’ve been since November harvest. The guys are fantastic, and work like a well-oiled machine through countless rows come rain or shine (but usually rain).

Cassie Wieden - IMG_2498