Finnigan Hill Vineyard

Our Wines

We use a farm first approach to our wines because great wine starts in the vineyard.

For us, it’s about bringing the unique elegance of our AVA (soils) into the glass. In our humble opinion, Laurelwood soils are more delicate on the grape, allowing the vintage and hands-on tending of the vine to stand out. That means we farm with constant contact with each row and each cluster.

We focus on making classic Oregon boutique wine – less than 500 cases annually. We take our best grapes and make small batches under our label and sell the remaining grapes to top selling brands in the valley. Our focus has been on organic farming and developing our wines as we understand and grow our vines.

Matching vintage with barrel oak: If you’re an interested in learning about oak and barrel toast look into Cassie’s Crush – most vintages are crushed with 100% Pommard so that we can pair and learn how different coopers inform the wine as it relates to a cool or hot vintage. In 2019 we began a similar guidance with our D.G.W. Chardonnay and gradually introduced a percentage of oak over the years to make sure we craft a delicate balance that brings out the best of each vintage.

Blending and coaxing: Each clone of Pinot Noir has a special flavor profile that not only represents it’s place on the slope but also has a unique way of blending together with other clones to make a whole new taste experience. By keeping the oak neutral in Hanna Elise we can taste through the vineyard and select the best combination to represent our unique terroir.

Inside out: Occasionally in farming Mother Nature decides to turn things on its head putting farmers and winemakers to the test. To be honest, these are the most exciting vintages and push us to a new level of understanding what our vineyard has to offer. Bonnie’s Rose’ and The Pearl (Pinot Noir Blanc) are stellar examples. In 2020 we had to harvest the Pinot Noir earlier than expected and revealed the true beauty of such a delicate grape. In record time we got these beauties off the skins and let them shine on their own.

We are excited to share our wine with you and your family – Call or email to schedule a visit, book an event or order wine for your table.

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Cassie Wieden – Owner
18548 SW Finnigan Hill Road, Hillsboro, Oregon