Finnigan Hill Vineyard

November 25 2016

Still struggling with that lack of sleep issue but we march on!

I had a moment to read up on the barrel issue of Wine Business. bought my first barrels last year and had been thinking about this investment ever since. The storage and cleaning are paramount—of which I don’t have a suitable method or place for at the moment. Now I’m interested in what and how much the process of ozonating barrels would cost. Clearly it’s not something that is cost effective with the three barrels I own, but as I plan for the winery, I’m compelled by these notions. Less water, less cleaning—sounds great. Which reminds me of water—there’s got to be a way to measure how much water we’ll use and how much we recycle.  A gray water system for watering a pond, landscape, or…?

Cassie Wieden - IMG_2030

Other interesting points – the square fermenters – maximizing floor space capacity and saving water. didn’t understand the saving water but apparently the rolled stainless steel versus the sheets makes a significant difference in how the must particulars stick to the sides of the fermenter, so less water is needed for cleaning. Huh.