Finnigan Hill Vineyard

February 2012

My body is sore and scratched from the work, and I couldn’t be more content.

Working alongside the guys is challenging but inspiring at the same time. They are well seasoned and have perfected tricks to the trade that I stumble to maneuver.  I worked in slow in my row and told them to move on so as not to slow their stride. They are always finishing up the work at the end of my row as they patiently wait for me to pick up the pace. I was told, “We work as a team—no one gets left behind, and we help each other shoulder the load of work.”

They are a tight group. They sing together, tease and poke fun at themselves. They are willing to do any job in any weather without complaint. I was falling behind with cane tying and looked up to see Ranulfo, Alonzo, and Carlos finishing up the end of my row and Jonathan and Salvadore wrestling like bear cubs on the lawn. They are sweet brothers to each other and truly a team.