Finnigan Hill Vineyard

January 12 2012

The raccoons are giving Miss Kitty a hard time in the barn and driving my dog, Simon a bit crazy.  They torture the poor cat, eat her food and pee all over the barn.  Simon barks up a storm but doesn’t dare get in a real fight.  I have a live trap but then what?  Drop them off down the road to get into the neighbor’s barn?

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for the past couple of snow days. I’ve lost electricity, the internet, and almost the phone. The bank called, and someone has my credit card number and making outrageous charges. The car still needs work; friends need to borrow money, and a truck from Washington County just knocked over the post to the front gate. The snow has melted quick enough to cause flooding in the basement, which only adds to the chaos. I walked down to get my boots and prune with the guys when my feet sloshed through the carpet. Ugh, more repairs!