Finnigan Hill Vineyard

March 2016

I tasted through the 2014 and 2015 varieties with Athena the other day. Wow. It’s been awhile since I’ve sipped anything but damn, my senses were overwhelmed by the grace and beauty that is Pinot Noir.

Cassie’s Crush Vintage 2014 is deep and earthy, with dark fruit notes like blackberry and plum underscored with gentle oak notes. Given all the depth there is still a quiet calmness in the wine.  It didn’t overwhelm the palate; rather it woke up the senses with a slow unfolding of flavors. I cupped my hands around the glass and as the wine warmed the aromatics opened up taking me back to a time in the vineyard.  I remember a warm early morning during leaf pull; I could hear the boys ahead of me, quietly working. The soil was moist under a layer of dry summer dust, and I could smell the layers of Laurelwood earth. As I pulled leafs off the vine, clusters of grapes were unveiled, and the sweet smell of fruit floated in the air. I bowed my head and spent the day humbled by nature.

The Estate Blend is like the ballerina to the orchestra.  Higher fruit notes of cherry and strawberry dance through the palette with grace and a delicate balance of acid and tannin.  For the first time, we blended three clones (667,115 and the Pommard—Cassie’s Crush is 100% Pommard)  We did this to understand how each block of Pinot Noir grapes present the property in the barrel and what they might come together to say about the place.  I smiled when I sipped and swished, thrilled to taste Finnigan Hill in these first two wine offerings.

Cassie Wieden - IMG_3141