Finnigan Hill Vineyard

February 2016

The sunrise this morning is nothing less than inspiring. Coffee and evergreen trees are a classic Oregon morning but the layers of light touching the tips of trees this particular morning is a grace of nature that no poet or painter can capture.  A light fog sweeps through the layers of the Valley, and Mount Hood is unveiled by the growing light.  My heart swells with love walking into my room—there’s my daughter bathed in morning light and the newly pruned vines out the window.  If this is a dream, don’t wake me.  If it’s luck, don’t end.  I’m in love with this moment in time, this life unfolding and forever grateful for an opportunity to bring my dreams to fruition.  I’m deeply rooted here and this morning I feel each tendril of our life digging deeper into the soil. Oregon, my Oregon.

Cassie Wieden - IMG_1028