Finnigan Hill Vineyard

Summer 2015

It was a long and hot summer combined with a growing belly that held my sweet little girl. I gave up on some of the most physical tasks in the vineyard and tried my hand at tractor work. After all, I’d spent all that money on a tractor and implement to tend to some of … Continued

November 12 2015

Hanna Elise She’s here!  It only took the best part of my life, a miracle conception and 28 hours of labor before she made her debut; September 8th, 2015. She peeked over the blue curtain with her glossy eyes and slick pink skin, wailing and wiggling toward me for our first kiss.  They say there’s … Continued

November 18 2015

A rough day.  It’s amazing how much fatigue can cloud your sense of self and destroy your ability to be productive. I love Hanna more than anything in the world and starting this new career is going to be harder than I first thought. In some ways I’m glad it’s November and the leaves are … Continued

November 25 2016

Still struggling with that lack of sleep issue but we march on! I had a moment to read up on the barrel issue of Wine Business. bought my first barrels last year and had been thinking about this investment ever since. The storage and cleaning are paramount—of which I don’t have a suitable method … Continued

January 2016

Hanna and I woke up to seven cars parked at the barn. For me this is the true marker of the New Year—the team has returned to prune the vineyard. It’s a wet winter more than cold and will make brush pulling more of a pain than normal.  My smile about kicking off 2016 quickly … Continued

February 2016

The sunrise this morning is nothing less than inspiring. Coffee and evergreen trees are a classic Oregon morning but the layers of light touching the tips of trees this particular morning is a grace of nature that no poet or painter can capture.  A light fog sweeps through the layers of the Valley, and Mount … Continued

March 2016

I tasted through the 2014 and 2015 varieties with Athena the other day. Wow. It’s been awhile since I’ve sipped anything but damn, my senses were overwhelmed by the grace and beauty that is Pinot Noir. Cassie’s Crush Vintage 2014 is deep and earthy, with dark fruit notes like blackberry and plum underscored with gentle … Continued

April 2016

It’s true, March came in like a lion and out like a lamb. Cold, rainy and miserable for those who were finishing work in the vineyard pulling brush and cane (Low av. 37 degrees High av. 56 – rainfall for the month 3.98) Miserable working conditions but I do love it when the canes are … Continued


It’s been so long since the last post it’s embarrassing to put a date in the title.  Where does the time go?  Well, I can safely say that much of my time has gone to raising Hanna.  I knew having a baby while new to this vine/wine business was going to be a challenge and … Continued